Who is eligible to join AODA?

Only Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) members can be AODA members.

Academy members are registered dietitians, nutrition professionals, nutrition students and other professionals. The Academy has several different categories of membership. For information on the Academy's membership categories and applications visit here.
  • Academy Active member: Has completed a baccalaureate degree or a supervised practice program (dietetic internship, coordinated or AP4 program) accredited by Academy's Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education.
  • Academy Student members: Dietetics students that are in programs accredited by Academy's Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. 
  • Academy Retired members: Active members who are at least 62 years of age and no longer employed in dietetic practice nor education, or retired on permanent disability. 
  • Academy International members: Any person who has completed formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics outside the United States and U.S. Territories, (Requires verification from the country's professional dietetic association or regulatory body).
  • Academy Associates: Practitioners in a wide variety of fields related to healthcare, sports and fitness, and food, culinary and school nutrition. This is the newest Academy category.

How do I join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.)? 

a) Go to the Academy's website to complete an online application.
b) To select your Academy category, see question above for a complete category description, then follow the links below.

c) You can also write to for additional information.


How do I join the American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA)?

You need to FIRST join the Academy (see question above). Then, there are two ways to join AODA:

a) The first way is to choose AODA as your AND affiliate

  • Follow these steps to choose or change your affiliate to AODA:
  • Go to the Academy website
  • Login to your member-only page, <MyAcademy>
  • Click on <MyDashboard>
  • Under "Membership Status" click on <Update Affiliate> and select <American Overseas Dietetic Association> from the drop down list
  • You can also email the Academy's Member Services at or call them at (800) 877-1600 ext. 5000.

b) The another way is to become a Supporter.
If you belong to another state affiliate but want to take advantage of AODA membership benefits, you can become an AODA Supporter. Supporters receive the following member benefits:

  • The quarterly, electronic AODA member newsletter, AODA Passport, and monthly AODA E-News
  • Access to the member-only website, including the AODA membership directory, and the AODA member emailing list
  • Information about international continuing education events
  • AODA member rates at AODA continuing education events
  • Eligibility to participate in affiliate activities, including appointment to non-Board officer positions and committees. (Note: Supporters may not vote in AODA elections or serve in elected AODA leadership positions).
  • Eligibility to apply for educational stipends and other affiliate awards.

The cost of becoming a supporter is only $35.00 per year. Click here to become an AODA Supporter or to renew your Supporter membership.

*Coming soon*: You can pay for supporter online now. Click here to checkout if you have account already, or use your E-mail to register.

To obtain more information about joining AODA contact the Member Services Chair at