FAQs about AODA

There are about 825 AODA members in over 70 countries as of April 2011, and the membership continues to grow. For the most accurate membership count, you may contact AODA's Membership Data Coordinator at MDC@EatRightOverseas.org

AODA has members in at least 70 different countries. To specifically inquire about a country, please contact our Country Representative Chair, at CR-Chair@EatrightOverseas.org  You may also visit http://www.eatrightoverseas.org/html/idn.html

Information of some worldwide universities for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) accredited programs

Internationally, the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Education (CADE) has approved one university in Mexico. There are several others worldwide universities that are actively interested or going through the initial accreditation procedures.

  • The University in Al Ain in United Arab Emirates is the university closest to the accreditation approval.
  • Jordan University in Amman is interested in accreditation.
  • Qatar University in Dhoha is taking the professional steps to begin the process.
  • Sharjah University in Sharjah United Arab Emirates is beginning a program with McMasters University. There has been recent information that they were not considering an internship program, therefore they probably would not be eligible for CADE accreditation.
  • Tufts University has a Friedman program run out of Boston which now has a Master's program in nutrition policy and development. It is taught physically in Ras Al Kamah, United Arab Emirates 3-4 times a year, with the remainder of the program completed with an internet venue.
  • Saudi has also a program which is not currently pursuing CADE accreditation.
  • Zayed University in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates has a nutrition program. Its graduates are nutritionists, not clinical dietitians. This university is not seeking CADE approval at this time. However they have discussed it with the University Administration for application consideration.
  • American University of Beirut has a dietetics program. However, they are not seeking CADE accreditation at this moment. Its graduates are respected in the region.

    All dietetic and medical programs have English as the business language. Therefore, it is not necessary to speak Arabic.

For additional and current specific information on accreditation, please visit the Academy's webpage athttp://www.eatright.org/students/education/accreditedprograms.aspx

AODA member benefits include:

  • Access to the AODA Passport, the quarterly member e-newsletter

  • AODA E-News that deliver the most up-to-date association news, including upcoming events and other news of interest from around the world

  • Access to the member-only website, which houses the membership directory, information about international continuing education events, career links with international job opportunities and more

  • A member e-mail list to network with your colleagues around the globe, discuss nutritional issues and receive international job opportunities, especially in educational institutions

  • Receiving the AODA member rate at AODA continuing education events

  • Eligibility to participate in affiliate activities

  • Opportunity to mentor our international dietetic professionals

Only the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) members can be AODA members. 

Academy members are registered dietitians, nutrition professionals, nutrition students and other professionals. The Academy has several different categories of membership. For information on the Academy's membership categories and applications visit  http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=9996


Academy Active member: Has completed a baccalaureate degree or a supervised practice program (dietetic internship, coordinated or AP4 program) accredited by the Academy's Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=10006
Academy Student members: Dietetics students that are in programs accredited by the Academy's Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=9997


Academy Retired members: Active members who are at least 62 years of age and no longer employed in dietetic practice nor education, or retired on permanent disability. http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=10007
Academy International members: Any person who has completed formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics outside the United States and U.S. Territories, (Requires verification from the country's professional dietetic association or regulatory body). http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=10008&terms=international 
Academy Associates:
Practitioners in a wide variety of fields related to healthcare, sports and fitness an food, culinary and school nutrition.Practitioners in a wide variety of fields related to healthcare, sports and fitness, and food, culinary and school nutrition.

a) Go to the Academy's website http://www.eatright.org/About/Content.aspx?id=8678 to complete an online application.

b) To select your Academy category, see question above or follow the links below.
c) You can also write to membership@eatright.org for additional information.

You need to FIRST join the Academy (see question above). Then, there are two ways to join AODA:

a) The first way is to choose AODA as your Academy's affiliate 

Follow these steps to choose or change your affiliate to AODA:

  • Go to the Academy's website, www.eatright.org
  • Login to your member-only page, <MyAcademy>
  • Click on <MyDashboard>
  • Under "Membership Status" click on <Update Affiliate> select <American Overseas Dietetic Association> from the drop down list

You can also email the Academy's Member Services at membership@eatright.org or call them at 
(800) 877-1600 ext. 5000.

b) The another way is to become an AODA Supporter
This is when an Academy member has one of the states within the United States as their designated affiliate and wishes to support AODA.

An AODA Supporter is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) with a designated state affiliate within the United States that chooses to "support" AODA and also takes advantage of all the great AODA membership benefits.

You complete the application form located at HERE
and send it along with a $35.00 USD payment to the AODA Treasurer. 

AODA Supporters receive all of the member benefits, but are not entitled to vote in AODA elections and cannot serve in elected AODA leadership positions. However, they can volunteer in appointed Leadership Team positions, on committees and task forces

AODA only has two categories:

  • AODA members (Academy members who have chosen AODA as their affiliate)
  • AODA Supporter members (Academy members who have chosen a state within the United States as their affiliate but support AODA)
  • ADA members renew their membership by May 31st, (early renewals start in April, and the deadline for renewal without additional late fees is May 31st, the last day of ADA's fiscal year)
  • AODA Supporters renew their ADA membership first, then complete the Supporter application form, and send it along with the proper payment to the AODA Treasurer.

To download a Supporter application, Click Here.

There are three types of awards from AODA to qualified members:

  • AODA Educational Stipend Award
  • AODA Service Award
  • Country Representative STAR Award

In addition, all AODA members are entitled to apply for the awards offered by the Academy, given that they meet the criteria for the award, and understand the selection process and deadlines. For additional questions, you may contact our Awards Chair at Awards@EatRightOverseas.org

The AODA Education Stipend is an award that provides financial assistance to qualified AODA members attending food/nutrition international educational events and continuing education meetings. A limited number of $500.00 USD awards are available (per fiscal year) to qualified applicants.

  • Must be an AODA member (this includes members in the Supporter category)
  • Applicant must not have previously received an AODA educational stipend in the past two years
  • Applicant will attend a Food/Nutrition related conference
  • Applicants must send the completed application within the application period based on the conference date. For application deadlines, please see below. Note: Do not miss the application deadlines opening in December 2011!
     For a conference between: June 1st  2012- Nov 30th 2012
Application deadlines are from: December 1st 2011 - January 31st 2012
     AODA notifies award winners: February 2012
     For a conference between: December 1st 2011 - May 30th 2012
     Application deadlines are from: June 1st 2011 - July 31st 2011

     AODA notifies award winners: August 2011

Following the event, the attendee also brings back current research findings and professional issues from other countries to the members at large. The attendee prepares an 800-1200 word summary of the meeting highlights for the AODA Passport

Note: it is important as well that the applicant has ability to write an article for the international membership.

To download an application for the Educational Stipend, click here or login to the AODA member website and go to the "Member Benefits" page.

For additional information, please contact the Member Services Chair at 

The AODA Passport is available electronically to members.  When the quarterly issue of the AODA Passport is available on the AODA members-only website, a blast e-mail is sent out to all members. Members must then login to the website to read and/or download their copy of the AODA Passport

For members that do not have access to the web or e-mail, a paper copy of the AODA Passportcan be mailed.  If you would like to receive a mailed copy of the AODA Passport, please contact the editor at Newsletter@EatRightOverseas.org

If you do not receive the blast e-mail announcing the AODA Passport:

  • First make sure your e-mail address in the Academy's database (your personal profile) is correct and updated
  • You may also contact our Membership Data Coordinator at MDC@EatRightOverseas.org to see if you appear in the Academy's Member Data Base

The AODA Passport welcomes contributions from members for the quarterly issues of the newsletter.  Ideas for contributions include articles about timely nutrition topics, current projects occurring in your country, information or recipes about local nutrition customs and cuisine, information presented at a conference, honors or awards received by AODA members, etc.  If you have an idea for an article but are not sure if it is appropriate, send an e-mail to the editor at Newsletter@EatRightOverseas.org for guidance.  Articles should be submitted to the editor in a Microsoft Word file. 

It is always a good idea to include a brief biography about the author and a picture when available.  The AODA Passport deadlines are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

First you may ask yourself if you could be registered under a different name

Or if you changed your affiliate from AODA to another affiliate? 

You may also contact our Membership Data Coordinator to see if she/he can verify that your name is in the current member list MDC@EatRightOverseas.org

AODA has a number of opportunities to use your leadership skills. There are traditional leadership positions, and also several committees that recruit members. You can always volunteer in the position that best suits your talents. 

If you are an AODA member, login to our website and visit our "Get Involved Section". If you are not an AODA member, our Nominating Committee Chair may be able to assist you find the position that is the best fit. Please feel free to email: NCC@EatRightOverseas.org


Elected Leadership



1. President

3 years

1 PE
1 Pres.
1 PP

Guides the association to meet its vision, mission according to the Associations' Bylaws, Policies, Procedures and Strategic Plans.

2. Past President

Mentors the leadership to achieve AODA's vision and mission. Links with All Past Presidents to maintain important historical information.

3. President-Elect

A year of preparation for the President role

4. Treasurer

5. Past Treasurer

3 years

2 Tres
1 Past

Financial accountability to assure association creates and maintains a sound, efficient budget. Maintains bank accounts, credit cards, makes and accounts for all payments for the association. Assures legal obligations are met for taxes and other forms.

6. Secretary

2 years

Maintains all written records of the association. Records meetings, updates the bylaws, policies and procedures based on the board of director's guidance.

7. Country Representative Chair

2 years

Coordinates the Country Representatives as a key personal link to members and country specific information. Advertises the CRs to the public and links requests for information to the appropriate country for response.

8. Continuing Professional Education Chair


Assures members have access to a wide variety of Educational events to maintain their CPEs. Works with members to find appropriate venues for future conferences. Maintains the Academy's status as a CPE provider. Chairs the Future Conference Venue Committee Chair.

9. Delegate/ Alternate

3 years

Feeds information to the Academy's House of Delegates based on AODA member input on current issues that are being discussed in the House. This is a 3-year position.

10. Nominating Committee Chair

11. Incoming NCC

2 years

1 incoming-NCC

Both are non-voting members of the board. They guide and match volunteer members to the best position for their skills, interests and AODA's needs. Advertises positions with members and creates the annual ballot for elections. The elect position is a learning year.

12. Member Services Chair

2 year

Sends welcome letters to new members, conducts surveys to members and responds to members' inquiries.

Appointed Leadership



13. Awards Chair

14. Committee Member

1 year

Advertises available AODA and the Academy's international awards widely, targets members, accepts nominations / applications, assures candidates meet criteria. Purchases awards and certificates for AODA awards.

15. Public Relations Chair

16. Newsletter Editor

1 year

Develop and implement AODA communication strategy, including Public relations and Media.

Assure information packed Newsletters are completed and sent in a timely manner.

17. Country Reps

(1-2 per country, 35-70 total)

1 year

Maintain contact with their members and the national dietetic professionals. They respond to requests for information about their country or, from the members, about the Academy and AODA.

18. Conference Chair


19. Conference Committee Member (several positions)

20. Future Conference Venue Committee Member

1 year

Chair either Regional or Biennial AODA Conferences. Assure programs, logistics and finances are well-organized, implemented and monitored.

Committee chairs lead various aspects and report to the Chair as the overall coordinator for the event.

Works with members to find appropriate venues for future conferences.

21. Executive Secretary


Permanent position, currently held by Mary Norrito Koller in Germany. Maintains all AODA historical files. Functions as the Teller to count votes for all elections.

22. Fundraising Chair

23. Committee Member

1 year

Updates and publicizes the Sponsorship Prospectus which explains what AODA needs for sponsorships and what sponsors gain by sponsoring AODA activities. Builds strong relationships with potential sponsors and keeps a database of all contacts.

24. Membership Data Coordinator / Assistant

2 years

Accesses the Academy's database to retrieve information on AODA members. Works with the Academy to improve the database based on our needs. Helps publicize the Academy and AODA memberships and how to keep information updated with the Acadmey. Sends all president-approved blast e-mails.

25. Scientific Chair

26. Committee Member

1 year

Reviews all abstracts for conferences, newsletters and other nutrition technical documents for AODA. Assures the website has correct nutrition technical information.

27. IT Chair

28. Committee Member

1 year

Maintains the website, works with all the AODA leadership team members to assure accurate and relevant information is presented in a user-friendly way.

For the list of the current Leadership Team, you may visit http://eatrightoverseas.org/page/meet-our-leadership-team

  • For a list of available positions, to complete a volunteer form, or for additional information, please contact our Nominating Committee Chair at NCC@EatRightOverseas.org
  • You may also indicate that you would like to volunteer in our new member survey or annual member surveys
  • Or you may also contact additional members of the leadership team for specific position-related questions
  • You must be an AODA member
  • You must also be an AODA member with regular access to electronic mail
  • Note: AODA Supporters are not entitled to run for AODA elected positions
  • Note: International members are eligible to hold elected office at the affiliate level (as in AODA). However, they are not entitled to have an elected position at the Academy.
  • AODA members: Are allowed to vote in both the Academy's national elections AND AODA elections
  • AODA Supporters: Are allowed to vote in the Academy's national elections BUT NOT entitled to a vote in the AODA elections.
  • International members: Are allowed to vote in their affiliate elections (as in AODA), BUT NOT eligible to vote in the Academy's national elections.

You can nominate yourself or someone else for an appointed position.  An application must be completed.  Appointed leadership team positions are approved by the AODA Board members.  Committee members are appointed by the corresponding Committee Chairs.

Academy members are now able to choose their affiliates. You can choose:

  • To remain an AODA member (by selecting AODA as your affiliate) with full member benefits, including voting and serving as elected leadership positions
  • Or you can choose another affiliate (One of the 50 US States, DC or Puerto Rico) and become an AODA Supporter.

You can retain your same membership category. When moving, be sure to add the Academy to your list of address changes to continue to receive your member benefits. AODA is not able to make address or personal information changes for its members.

There are several ways to do this:

a) You can update your information online through the Academy's website 

Log in. Enter your "ID number and password"

  • Takes you to the Academy's Member Center page
  • On the bottom left corner, scroll down to MyADA Quicklinks. Click on "MyProfile - Online Profile". Under the blue tab named MY Profile, click on "Edit Contact information". Then on the top left corner, click on "Update Contact Info".
  • It will take you to your profile page. Make your own updates
  • Then click on "Accept"

b) You can also update your information by e-mailing Member Services at membrshp@eatright.org

c) Or calling or 800-877-1600 ext. 5000 (Academy offices in USA)

Remember: Incorrect information in the Academy's database may result in not receiving member benefits and valuable information. AODA cannot update member data in the Academy's database.

First, you must really define your goals and make a plan on how to get there.  If your goal is solely to work abroad, you might have to work outside of dietetics.  But if your goal is to work abroad in dietetics, you have to map out what skills you need to be able to offer something to your potential employer (learn the culture and language, and maybe redo the internship in that country, etc.).

Working abroad is the number one question the Academy members living in the US have.  The challenge is that countries have different professional requirements.  So if you have a particular country in mind, AODA can connect you to the Country Representative (CR) for that country, if we have one.  AODA has approximately 40 CRs covering the whole globe so AODA does not have representatives for all countries. 

Think of a foreign trained dietitian trying to find work in the US.  You are in the same predicament in another country. 

Another way of getting opportunities to work abroad is to find an organization in the USA that has affiliations outside the USA (US Department of State, Women Infant and Children-Overseas Program, UN, USAID, WHO, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs including World Vision, CARE, and International Red Cross), Peace Corps, Academia with International programs, the USA military (as sometimes they station professionals overseas), Program Directors for HIV, Program managers at US Embassies (submit program of work for projects), to mention some. Then find opportunities globally.  You might have to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to write grant proposals for NGOs and offer services outside of dietetics. 

Do you just want to work abroad?  It is very competitive. Think of what employers are looking for In some countries, dietetics is not as recognized as in USA.  Are you willing to work in that environment and maybe improve how the dietetics profession is perceived in that country?  It is a very tall order.  You have to have skills to offer the employer.  So at this time you need to expand your portfolio and develop skills to offer, even learning how to write a good resume, language, developing your clinical skills. 

If you are a member of AODA, you can access our MemberNet using your Academy member number, and e-mail the appropriate Country Representative if you have further questions. You might also want to check on our Country Information sheet on the AODA website.

Setting up community nutrition programs 
How do you factor in culture? Make your programs culturally sensitive. How do you educate in nutrition when people have little baseline knowledge? This is a very important topic.  Although not in a dietitian capacity, sometimes you might work with programs in assessing other health programs and what you can do to assist them and/or what you can do to work together.

Try to start with where they are at and plan the steps how you will take them to your final goal, whatever it is.

You also need to educate yourself of the local ways.  Knowing about the culture and being culturally sensitive are two different things. So you can only really empathize and only try very hard to understand why they do what they do and is it because of their culture and upbringing. For more information on this subject, you might want to check an article in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on culture.


Developing culture specific education materials
Try to find out the country specific organizations, that might be like the version of the National Institute of Health or if they have an Academy equivalent.

Start with what they have as existing information before 'reinventing the wheel'. 

Network with local dietetic professionals and see what they use.


Sharing of experiences 
This includes where you have worked, what experiences or knowledge skills were gained, what is your opinion about the different experiences...and more. This together might have given you a well rounded perspective of how to put a program together, resourcing, etc.  Be persistent and think of innovative things to implement.


Getting CPE experience abroad 
It pertains to what can you do besides self-study. There are so many on line opportunities now.


Advice on networking
Have a business card to pass on.  If you do not have a work position, have one as AODA CR for your country (if it applies) or another organization that will hold credibility.

Try to find network opportunities with health organizations. This may not be limited to US organizations in the country, local health organizations, health NGOs, etc. 

You might also want to start as a volunteer until you can find a paid position then they already know you.

Networking, as it may open many different opportunities.

Prepare a portfolio/prospectus of what you can offer them (whoever them is, future employers, customers, clients, professional colleagues, etc.)

Be clear in your mind in what your goals are, and what you are trying to achieve. 

Volunteering has been a critical part of professional development for many. 

And don't forget, the knowledge that you have a voice and make a difference in your profession! 

There are some websites that have been known to have offered nutrition-related jobs.

These include:
USAjobs.com (believed to be for military civilian jobs)
nutritionjobs.com (has previously offered WIC positions)

Other International Nutrition Organizations that may post job openings:

Yes all Academy members may join one affiliate (One of the 50 States, D.C., Puerto Rico, or Overseas) as part of their Academy membership. As long as the person qualifies for Academy membership, they can choose whatever state affiliate they would like. If you do choose a different Affiliate, remember to join AODA as a Supporter member!

Student members cannot hold elected position (board positions) in affiliates or nationally but they can hold appointed positions.

  • Make sure your address and information in the Academy's database is correct and updated
  • If your address is correct, then you may contact the Academy Membership Services atmembershp@eatright.org to assist you in locating the problem.

Contact the Country Representative of Sweden who will then match you with a nutrition organization in a developing country that needs them Sweden@EatrightOverseas.org

The AODA delegate brings to HOD the views, experiences and needs of RDs around the world. The delegate communicates to members the issues to be discussed, asks for comments and forwards them to the Academy. The decisions and conclusions are then delivered back to AODA members. The Academy however, is not involved in the international professional scene. But it recognizes and follows the international professionalism and innovations to the profession.

It is a program planned to be a forum for nutrition professionals to act as mentor/mentee and have informal exchange of information. This will be a way to get a perspective from others who have other experiences in the same nutrition areas around the globe. It is also a great opportunity to connect to other colleagues with the same interests.

You may volunteer to be a protégé if you are interested in working with a mentor.  As a protégé, you need to ask yourself about your expectations and/or what you are hoping to achieve.  What your goals are?

 For more information about this program, please contact pastpresident@eatrightoverseas.org.